Why Consider JUBAX?

Because you’re looking to invest in the markets that should grow faster than the U.S. over the next several years, but also want to be in domestic stocks when they look attractive.  Because you want someone to find those great undiscovered opportunities lurking in the globe’s less explored markets. Because in an increasingly risky global financial market you want a watchdog whose job it is to react to early warnings.  Because you believe hard work is essential to successful investing… but want someone else to do it. Here’s what JUBAX offers:

  • A world of my stock picks with just one buy.

    Get the benefit of picks across the world’s markets from New York to Sydney with just one No-Load purchase.

  • Exposure to the world’s fastest growing economies.

    After they’ve recovered from the global economic crisis, I believe the world’s developed economies will be growing at 2.5% a year if they’re lucky.  But the world’s developing economies—China, India, and the rest of the gang—should be pushing 7% annual growth. Where do you want your money?

  • Intelligence on where your money is and why.

    An investment in the Jubak Global Equity Fund comes with a free subscription to the Jubak Asset Management newsletter (scroll down a little for more info), which will give you priority access to my very latest thinking, along with special features and content not available anywhere else.

  • Unique Access to global stock markets and global stock market intelligence.

    Ever tried to buy Brazilian stocks in Sao Paulo or Chinese stocks in Hong Kong? The Jubak Global Equity Fund will trade in these markets routinely.

Free subscription to Jubak Asset Management Newsletter and Market Commentary

Free to every investor in the Jubak Global Equity Fund a free subscription to the Jubak Asset Management newsletter and website. (Did we mention it was free? The retail price is $299 a year.) Every day, not once a month or once a quarter, the Jubak Asset Management newsletter (affectionately known as JAM) and blog delivers:

  • First access to Jim’s thoughts on the day’s most important market events
  • Jim’s breaking videos, shot from his desk at Jubak Asset Management, with up-to-the-minute commentary on what the news means
  • The weekly “Saturday Night Quarterback” email to get you ready for the week ahead
  • Jim’s takes on stock market conditions in the U.S. and global stock markets in the short-, medium-, and long-runs
  • Jim’s in-depth reports on hot (and cold) sectors, industries, and global markets
  • A daily summary of events and trends sent via email after the markets close

And all this goes to readers of JAM first.